What You Must Know Before Placing Bets for Barcelona

If you don’t consider reading this, you might end up hanging yourself after losing cash to betting or predicting in Barcelona matches! Here are tips you must uphold when predicting Barcelona matches, or before you every engage yourself in placing a bet on Barcelona. Millions of people across the world love to predict for this team, because it looks a perfect bet, a team that never loses. Whenever you place your bet on Barcelona, you are almost sure to win, whether in SportPesa, BetIn, BetWay, Bet365 or others. But that could really cost you if you do not know Barcelona’s history and trends in winning. Here are the tips that will help you safeguard your money by placing the right Barcelona bets!


How To Bet for Barcelona

1 Bets for Barcelona: If Barcelona plays against an EPL team, go for Barça!


Barcelona is in its own league when playing with foreign teams, especially compared to those from England. EPL only masquerades as pompous ‘guys’, but there hasn’t emerged any formidable team that could fight against the Catalans! Their game and formation looks just too pretty and overwhelming for the two Manchester teams, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, or even Liverpool. But Manchester United under Ferguson had beaten Barcelona in 2008. Since 2009, when Michael Essien of Chelsea beat the Spanish team 1-0 in a stunningly impossible goal, all the successor games have been a chance for Barça to humiliate fans and teams. In the hands of Barcelona, Manchester United, Arsenal and Manchester City have been on the receiving end ever since. It goes unmentioned, that in 2001, Barca beat Liverpool 3-1 where in one of the goals, Liverpool did not touch the ball for over 20 minutes! Thus, confidently, place your bet for the Catalans, every time they play against English teams.


2 If Barcelona plays against a German team, bet this way


Germany has some of the best teams in the world. Though Bundesliga is not widely televised like the Spanish and English leagues, the German side produces some of the world’s most proficient giants. Mostly drawn from Netherlands and Germany, the players in Bundesliga are far above the pass mark! They know the game is defined by goals and thus, they never hesitate to impress. Actually, soccer was invented in Germany! But when they play against Barcelona, you need to study the records the right way. Barcelona wins at home– Camp Nou- but finds it hard on German soil. Mostly, it is very hard for visiting teams to win in Germany. So, make sure you place a Barcelona’s home win. But in the case of Bayern Munchen and Borrussia Dortmund, a wise better will assume no game is on the screens. He will neither bet for Barcelona or any of the two German sides! Never forget that in 2013, while Barcelona was in its good mood, the Bayern scored 3 in Camp Nou and 4 at the Allianz Arena, summing up to an aggregate of 7-0!


3 Bets for Barcelona: If they are playing against a La Liga team, here are the best predictions

Barcelona is a King- emperor- in Spain. Most thrillingly, the team keeps thrashing the rest with hat-tricks and other packets full of demolishing goals. Therefore, be confident when placing your odd predictions for Barca in La Liga matches. The only issues you may need to reason out are their current forms especially when playing against Real Madrid or Valencia. But also, you must be extremely careful while dealing with Athletico Madrid in serious, cup-oriented knock outs. In most of the matches that Athletico and Barcelona have met in knock outs and EUFA- Athletico has most certainly won.


So, be wise enough. Place your odds the right way. And don’t forget that though luck plays part in sports betting, you need to be a vigilant analyzer. Never forget people lose bets due to their ignorance!


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