With Kenyan Roots, Doing Great Abroad

Most Successful Kenyans Abroad: With Kenyan Roots, Doing Great Abroad

Chris Rock once stated that Kenyans are not the kind of guys to lose races. Of course, he was campaigning for Kenyan-rooted Barrack Obama, 44thPresident of the US- one of the Most Successful Kenyans Abroad. But as you will find out here, Obama is not the only successful Kenyan living in the United States or elsewhere in the world. You will marvel at the way Kenyans are slowly but surely taking over the social, political, sports and even the economic scenes. Even at the International Criminal Court (ICC), Kenyans must be respected as the guys who took themselves there, and then out, voting a suspect for president, and then vilifying the credibility of the court to the whole world!

Here are brief profiles of guys you didn’t know were actually from Kenya!


Edi Gathegi

Eddie Gathegi is a Hollywood Star

Another of the Most Successful Kenyans Abroad! Edi is one of the guys you have met in several movies across Hollywood. But did you know he was born in Kenya? Well, ‘Gathegi’ is a name originating from Central Kenya. Born in March 1979 in Nairobi, to Dr. John N Gathegi, a Professor of Information Law and Policy University of South Florida.


He lived in Nairobi before relocating to the United States where he studied acting at the New York University.  Gathegi is renowned for his roles in The Black List series, where he takes a role of Solomon Martial, an agent to the ‘Cabal’ fraternity. You must have seen him harassing Herald Cooper, Tom, Dembe and other associates of Raymond Reddington. Others films in which he features include The X- Men First Class, Twilight, Story Telling, Namaste Bitches, Proof and many more! Edi has lots of accolades including a nomination for “Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie: Chemistry” Throughout Hollywood, Edi Mue Gathegi is a name to reckon with, but in Kenya, he is a celebrated son!


Divock Origi


Origi is a Belgium and Liverpool Star

This is one of the Most Successful Kenyans Abroad! You certainly don’t follow soccer if you have not come across this Belgium star! Divock Origi is famed for his roles in making his Belgium do well in the 2014 World Cup Finals in Brazil.

Origi, currently a professional footballer at English side Liverpool, has become a voice to reckon with all through Europe for helping his teams win. The born ‘95 kid traces his roots from Nyanza, a region in Western Kenya.


Victor Mugabe Wanyama



Southampton! The English premier league is slowly but eventually turning into a Kenyan affair. With guys like Wanyama on the defense, not even Cristiano Ronaldo’s or Messi’s antics can penetrate!


Wanyama is highly respected in Kenya for his roles in the national team, Harambee Stars. Though the team barely does well, Wanyama’s talent has skyrocketed to his current position. He hails fromWestern Kenya.


Ajuma Nasenyana



Ajuma Nasenyana in a previous pageant

Kenyans are beautiful people, right? Well, Ajuma is one of the best expressions of black beauty, with a 6.78’ tall, slim and curved elegant body that everyone covets either to possess or profess! Well, Ajuma’s star rose high in 2003 when she was won the Miss Tourism Kenya. Ever since, she has been one of the top models in the United States and UK, modeling for the Victoria’s Secrets. She also featured in a film ‘How To Catch a Dream’. Ajuma hails from Turkana.

If you ask Naomi Campbell who rivals her most, she will frankly tell you ‘Ajuma Nasenyana’! Most Successful Kenyans Abroad, even on the runway!


Prof Ngugi Wa Thiong’o


Among African authors, Ngugi wa Thiong’o could probably fit as second in hierarchy from Chinua Achebe. He has authored so many novels and literary material that almost every upcoming writer wants to meet him as a life’s breathtaking moment! Ngugi’s books include: Weep Not Child, The River Between, Petals of Blood, Decolonization of the Mind’ and a list of endless literary material. It can’t go unmentioned, that as one of the Most Successful Kenyans Abroad, Ngugi has appeared in the list of Nobel nominees for quite far too long and it is time they just give it to him, or?! He is currently a professor at several universities in the United States.


Well, of course there are many other Successful Kenyans on the list. Barrack Obama himself is Kenyan, Lupita Nyong’o the Hollywood actress, Wangari Maathai- Nobel Laureate in 2004 for her role in environmental conservation and many more! And by the way, in this list, field athletes and runners have not been included. If we did, we’d have turned the article into a novel!

SOURCE: +254 Campus News website


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